General Information

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Please join us for the University of Tennessee Milan No-Till Crop Production Field Day, July 25, 2024.

Hosted by UT AgResearch

UT AgResearch and Education Center at Milan
3A Ledbetter Gate Road
Milan, TN 38358

A Message from Center Director Blake Brown

Since 1981, the Milan No-Till Field Day has hosted visitors from across the country and around the world to the largest field day in the nation dedicated to conservation tillage. In the beginning, we demonstrated how to “no-till,” and basic tours on planter setup and weed control were available. Since those early years, the field day has progressed to not only include no-till basics but also to show producers how to incorporate the latest technologies into a no-till system.

One constant through the years has been the staff, both present and past, of the AgResearch and Education Center at Milan, and none of the thirty-two No-Till Field Days would have been possible without them. We have the privilege of working daily with some of the finest agricultural scientists in the world, but the behind-the-scenes efforts of our staff make the research programs possible. They are a dedicated group of individuals who have a passion for agricultural research, doing the job right, and producing the very best data possible for our producers who utilize this information. Please allow me to introduce our staff to you and publicly thank them for the great job they do! The current staff of the AgResearch and Education Center at Milan includes:

Weston Bracey, Research Associate, 2 years of service
Allie Wagster, Administrative Assistant, 37 years of service
Jordan Lasater, Sr. Plot Caretaker, 3 years of service
Bryan Garren, Research Assistant, 1 year of service
Jason Williams, Research Associate, 26 years of service
Ben Jakubowski, Museum Guide, 3 years of service
Joey Duncan, Sr. Plot Caretaker, 2 years of service
Blake Smith, Sr. Plot Caretaker, 4 years of service
Chad Hicks, Sr. Farm Crew Leader, 21 years of service
LesLee Smelser, Administrative Assistant, 6 years of service
Blake Brown, Director, 24 years of service

We appreciate your interest in the nation’s largest field day devoted to no-tillage crop production. We hope that you will learn techniques for increasing production, reducing expenses, and improving marketing skills or increasing the efficiency of your crop production operation.

We sincerely appreciate the support of the Milan community and all of its assistance with making this event a success since 1981.

This program describes the research tours that are available for you to enjoy. Thank you for being one of the thousands to take part in the nation’s largest No-Till Field Day!

Blake A. Brown
Center Director

UT AgResearch Leadership

Hongwei Xin, Dean
Timothy Rials, Associate Dean
David White, Associate Dean
Barry Sims, Associate Director
Blake A. Brown, AgResearch Center Director

Special thanks to UT Martin students Eric Stromblad, Daphne LaGrone, and Mia Upchurch for their designs of the field day logos for this program, the field day caps, and the field day bumper stickers, respectively.

Field Day Activities

AgResearch and Education Center at Milan Research Tours

This year, 17 research tours, including the popular No-Till Crop Variety Demonstrations, will be featured. Tours will start at 8:00 a.m. CDT, Thursday, July 28. The final tours of the day will start no later than 12:00 p.m. Tours are 1 hour in length.

AgResearch and Education Center at Milan Overview Tour

Visitors to the Milan No-Till Field Day are invited to participate in the AgResearch and Education Center at Milan Overview Tour for a brief introduction to UT AgResearch. Participants will be given a tour of the AgResearch and Education Center at Milan. Various research projects along the tour route will be described. Participants will board the Overview Tour Trailers on the east side of the exhibit area and south of the West Tennessee Museum near the Crop Demonstration plots. This tour will last approximately 20 minutes and will be provided continuously throughout the day. Tours will be available from 8:00 a.m. through 1:00 p.m

West Tennessee Agricultural Museum

The West Tennessee Agricultural Museum will be open throughout the No-Till Field Day events between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Large displays of antique farm equipment and tools used by early West Tennessee settlers are featured. The museum is located on the field day site. Admission is free.

Point Signup and Recertification Requirements for Commercial Applicators

Individuals who currently have a valid commercial applicator certification card must accumulate credit (points) during the three-year certification cycle to retain their certification into the next certification cycle. For more information concerning point requirements, please visit Tennessee’s Pesticide Coordinator has assigned recertification points for categories listed in the following table.

Tour C111
Tour D111
Tour E111
Tour K111

Commercial pesticide applicators MUST SIGN the sign-up sheets located at the tent where the tour is held to obtain credit. Remember to include as much information as possible and sign the roster sheet legibly and include your certification number.

Interested in point sign-up and recertification requirements for commercial applicators, or continuing education units for our Certified Crop Advisor Program?