Milan No-Till Field Day

Our most recent Milan No-Till Field Day event was held on July 28, 2022. Please enjoy the information resources below to learn more about what was presented during this event!

Our 2022 event took place both in-person and virtual! Presentations and tours were presented on-site as well as online.

Program topics included:

• Seventeen Research Tours
• Weed, Insect, and Disease Control
• Soil Health and Cover Crops
• Corn, Cotton, and Soybeans
• Climate-Smart Agriculture
• Water Management
• Beef Cattle Production
• USDA Farm Programs
• Hemp Production

In addition to the array of educational tours, viewers can enjoy a virtual tour of the West Tennessee Agricultural Museum, as well as a virtual Overview Tour of the AgResearch and Education Center at Milan. Pesticide certification points and continuing education units for certified crop advisors are also available.

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Museum Tour

Virtual Overview Tour

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Milan No-Till Field Day News

Please note:

This year’s event will be back in person on Thursday, July 28th! Please continue to visit this website for updates about our upcoming event.


UT AgResearch and Education Center at Milan
3A Ledbetter Gate Road
Milan, TN 38358